Health, Safety & Environment

Building a Culture of Safety Innovation

Burton Oil is dedicated to zero-incident work sites.

This starts the minute we bring a new employee on board. Every new hire is enrolled in a basic company safety orientation to prepare them for the work they'll do at Burton Oil. We encourage each member of our team to further their safety education throughout their time with us.

This ongoing training helps keep our employees up-to-date on the hazards and effective prevention techniques on which a safe worksite is built.

Modern Training Solutions

To allow our employees to have more learning opportunities while maximizing instructional resources, Burton Oil has incorporated a learning management system from Health & Safety International.

Our HSI LMS allows us to implement a broad array of position-specific training programs that provide our employees with the training their position needs. The LMS keeps learning at their fingertips while allowing their managers to know when they’re ready for more.

Company-Assigned PPE For Every Employee

Every Burton Oil employee is given flame-retardant clothing designed by Carhartt. This is part of our uniform, and we provide some of the best, longest-lasting personal protective equipment out there.